About us

We are the company operating in the market since 2004 and having headquarters located in Siepraw in Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Our team consists of experts in the construction investment industry. We provide only the best professionals who comprehensively implement both small and large, non-standard projects.

We are governed by two principles that have been most important to us for many years - quality and flexibility. We are able to provide it during the implementation of tasks falling within the scope of our offer thanks to having appropriately trained and experienced staff. Our flexibility consists in adapting to the client's expectations, bearing in mind safety regulations during work and meeting all legal standards.

Experienced construction manager and construction site inspector

All our projects are famous for the highest quality of work. It is thanks to the construction managers who have completed many successful investments. They ensure reliable and comprehensive conduct of a construction investment, from the moment of its planning. They will help with obtaining a building permit, they will always act in compliance with the determined design, regulations and applicable standards.

The investor's representative will be responsible for the coordination of the construction process, its employees and quality. Thanks to qualified employees, we provide an investment realized at the highest level and meeting all your expectations. If any questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to cooperating with you!


Zbrojarze na budowie


hala magazynowa

Realization of investments

We implement investments using proven and safe solutions. Our projects are characterized by remarkable precision and promptness.


Investor's representative

We carry out many commissions as an investor's representative. We act in this form on the basis of a contract, on behalf of the direct investor.

kierownik budowlany

Construction manager

We provide, for our part, an experienced construction manager during the implementation of your investment. If any questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us!

Mężczyzna piszący piórem po projekcie budowlanym

Construction site inspector

We provide the best construction site inspectors. Large and complex buildings require hiring such a person.

Are you determined? We invite you to contact our company. We approach each client individually, customizing to their needs.