Construction site inspector

We provide reliable support from the construction site inspector. Employing such a person is necessary when it comes to the construction of large and complex buildings: office buildings or high rise blocks, and facilities that may affect the environment - industrial plants. The construction site inspector is one of the people who is among the participants in the construction process defined by the Construction Law. He is a specialist representing the investor and, like the construction manager, he supervises the correct and safe execution of all works on the construction site.


The main duties of the construction site inspector include:

  • control of construction facilities and processes
  • coordination of works and subcontractors
  • technical consultancy
  • project management
  • cost and quality control
  • periodical surveys of building objects - semi-annual, annual, five-year


A construction site manager must be empowered to manage construction works to an unlimited extent. Also, such a person must be a member of the District Chamber of Civil Engineers and the Poland’s Chamber of Architects (IARP). Our construction site inspector are people with extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the industry on a specific position. They have participated in many complex investments, thanks to which we guarantee a successful construction. We provide constant support and reliable service at every stage of the investment.





When is a construction site inspector needed?

Many projects require the presence of a construction site inspector, including:

  • public utilities or residential buildings from 2.500 m2
  • objects entered into the register of historical monuments
  • buildings with a height of more than 15 m
  • buildings containing potentially explosive rooms
  • buildings in mining damage areas
  • bridge structures

During the construction of large investments, you can meet many inspectors with various specialties. The range of services is determined with the client during the meeting. We always serve with the utmost diligence, focusing our attention even on the smallest but important details.


Are you determined? We invite you to contact our company. We approach each client individually, customizing to their needs.