Periodical surveys

We specialize in executing periodical surveys of building objects. As part of our services, we carry out, among others, construction inspections, electrical measurements, inspections of gas installations and devices, lighting measurements, inspections of doors and fire gates. The completed construction inspection is confirmed by a properly prepared record with full documentation.

Periodical surveys of building objects divide into:

  • performed at least once a year,
  • performed at least every five years,
  • performed at least twice a year for specific large-scale facilities

The construction law also projects:

  • inspections of the safe exploitation of the facility
  • inspections of the technical condition of boilers
  • checks of refrigeration equipment in air conditioning systems performed at least once every 5 years
  • one-time inspection of the heating system with the boiler

The legal basis of the periodical surveys of building objects

Regular technical inspections of buildings are an obligation arising from the Construction Law. The maintenance of the building structure is regulated in Chapter 6 of the Act of July 7, 1994, Building Law (tekst jedn. Dz. U. z 2013 r. poz. 1409). According to art. 61 pkt. 1 of the Construction Law the owner or manager is obliged to maintain and use the building object in accordance with its intended use and environmental protection requirements, while maintaining the proper technical and aesthetic condition of the building / structure or small architecture building. Semi-annual, annual and five-year periodical surveys of construction investments are the responsibility of the construction site inspector. We encourage you to contact us, so as to get acquainted with the details of our offer.


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